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    Medical Regulators. Our portfolio of dial flow regulators can be attached to a wide range of cylinders, allowing you to accurately control the flow of medical oxygen from high-pressure cylinders and flexibly position cannulas and masks.

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    TESCOM pressure regulators, backpressure regulators, instrumentation valves, changeover manifolds, controllers and pressure control systems are critical to the fluid and pressure controls of dozens of industry applications, including many operations with extreme conditions or involving hazardous materials or

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    High-Flow, Manual Gas Pressure Regulators, HF Series. Features Compact size with flow rates up to 200 std L/min Maximum inlet pressures up to 500 psig (34.4 bar) Manually adjustable outlet pressure up to 150 psig (10.3 bar) 316L VIM-VAR stainless steel body for ultrahigh-purity applications 1/4 in. VCR® metal face seal 1/4 in. tube butt weld 1.5 in. and 1.125 in. C-seal and W-seal

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    Full Product Description. Parker’s AFR-3 is a liquid flow control device for overfeed or recirculated systems. Unlike pressure regulators or expansion valves the AFR directly controls the flow of refrigerant and maintains a constant flow rate of liquid to the evaporator. This precise and direct control provides increased operational efficiency.

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    Wescol Single Stage Pressure Regulators® Gas Type Acetylene Part No RE0034 Description SS A 1.5 Bar, 2G SE FEATURES Inlet BS341 No. 2 Outlet 9/16” UNF Max. Inlet Pressure 25 bar Outlet Pressure 1.5 bar Gas Type Propane Part No RE0152 Description SS P 4 Bar, WPG SE, CGA 510 FEATURES Inlet CGA 510 Outlet 9/16” UNF Outlet Pressure 3.5 bar The Wescol 300 series regulator

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    The range E offers a flow range of 0.01 l/min to 1 l/min. This device is designed for use with oxygen. Dialflow RegulatorO2Range EUK Bullnose/Barb Dialflow RegulatorO2Range EUK Bullnose/Barb Part number . EN ISO Pressure regulators for use with medical gases EN ISO 15001 2010Anaesthetic and

  • Pneumatic flow regulators from API Pneumatic UK

    In this article, PIF spoke to leading pneumatic equipment specialists, API Pneumatic UK, to learn about their diverse range of pneumatic flow regulators. Used for controlling the direction and speed of compressed air within pneumatic systems, click here to learn more about the most popular flow regulator types here.

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    Medical Regulators. Our portfolio of dial flow regulators can be attached to a wide range of cylinders, allowing you to accurately control the flow of medical oxygen from high-pressure cylinders and flexibly position cannulas and masks. Filter.

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    About us Here in the UK GCE has its own sales office, workshop and warehouse based near Warrington. Our sales team is on hand to offer help and advice based on many years of experience for all aspects of GCE. Search for products, news, events and information. Product Search Search. Refine Search. All. Pages. News. Events. Products. GCE UK

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    10.6. Market size of Medical Gas Pressure Regulators in the UK. 10.6.1. Medical Gas Pressure Regulators Market Analysis in the UK by Product type (2018–2026) 10.6.2. Medical Gas Pressure Regulators Market Analysis in the UK by Flow Type (2018–2026) 10.6.3. Medical Gas Pressure Regulators Market Analysis in the UK by End user (2018–2026

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    Flow meter’s shall be supplied with gas specific probes and only attach to the corresponding medical gas terminal unit, it accurately measures flow at 0-15Lpm even at variant inlet pressures. Accuracy is fulfilled within 10% to attain maximum efficiency for patient and environment. Each flow meter is calibrated at 50 psi inlet pressure.

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    Offering you the best in class. Our innovation focus is to develop products that improve patient outcomes and contribute to health system savings overall. The NEW AeroChamber2go* chamber is compact, portable and designed for use on-the-go.

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    Find information on a variety of Ohio Medical's products varying from vacumm regulators and suction machines, to gas hoses and fittings, and much more! Get Help and Support. RFQ 0

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    Pressure and Flow Control Solutions. Since 2004, Kelly Pneumatics has designed and manufactured highly accurate proportional valves, pressure regulators, and pneumatic control products. We have worked with thousands of businesses to produce highly customized parts for numerous industries, including medical, alternative energy, test equipment

  • CGA 870, Medical Oxygen Regulators, Essex Industries

    Product Info. The Oxygen Regulator is a compact unit manufactured of lightweight anodized aluminum with brass high pressure conduits. The regulator precisely maintains any of twelve different preset flow settings from a full cylinder (2000 psig) to an empty one (500 psig). The CGA 870 style features a pure touch knob. Meets ASTM G175-03

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    TESCOM ER-5000 Electopneumatic Controller. A microprocessor-based PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) controller, the ER-5000 brings precise algorithmic pressure control to a wide range of applications. View Product. TESCOM Series Vaporizing Regulator.

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    UK Manufacturer of Medical Products PRODUCT RANGES PAGES Medical Regulators (Standard Type) & Accessories 3-5 Medical Regulators (Compact Type) (138 Bar & 200 Bar types) 6-9 Flowmeter Various Flow Rate R16005 Oxygen 0 to 15Lpm R Oxygen 0 to 4Lpm

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    MEDIREG RANGE. A complete range of regulators specifically designed for Medical Use. Each regulator has a 4 Year Warranty on Function, and comes complete with a protective, Gas Distinct Coloured plastic case. Standard Medireg range suitable for use with 137Bar Cylinder. Regulators suitable for 200Bar Cylinders are available on request.

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    Product Type Select.. Pressure Regulators Vacuum Regulators Pressure Compensated Flow Controls Back Pressure Regulators Gas Cylinder Adapters. Outlet Pressure Select Outlet Pressure Up to 20 psig (1.4 bar) Up to 30 psig (2.1 bar) Up to 45 psig (3.1 bar) Up to 100 psig (6.9 bar) Up to 200 psig (13.8 bar) Up to 400 psig (27.6 bar)

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    [email protected] 44 (0) 1787 479 475. Unit 9, Fifth Avenue, Bluebridge Industrial Estate, Halstead, Essex, CO9 2SZ United Kingdom

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    ProductsBPR Medical Gas Control . Dialflow features a range of flow meters, pressure regulators and accessories specifically designed to meet the intense demands of medical environments. UK tel 44 (0)1623 628 281 fax 44 (0)1623 628 289 email [email protected]

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    are designed to control pressure. Regulators will not measure or control flow. An external device such as a flowmeter or metering valve specifically designed for flow control should be used for that purpose. Selection of the correct regulator involves many variables. All items must be considered in making the proper regulator selection.

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    RESUSCITATION REGULATOR. Available with the full range of high pressure inlet connections. Sabre Resuscitation Regulators are designed for use with gas powered resuscitation products. One or two regulated outlets can be fitted to each regulator in addition to a Select Flow therapy outlet providing both resuscitation and therapy from the one

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    Low Pressure Valves. Proportion-Air leads the way in the electronic control of low to very low air pressures. Our electronic low pressure valves and regulators are used in many applications, from tank blanketing to dispensing to microfluidics. It is our ability to create a custom pressure range (tailored to your application) paired with our

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    Enter the product reference number (REF), which is located on the label of your Olympus Medical product into the search field and press "Search". You can also improve the search results by setting the filters "Medical Specialty" and/or "Language".

  • Flow regulator MR04 for G 3/4 valve inletA.K. Muller

    Flow regulators are usually installed directly into the inlet of faucets, flow heaters, solenoid valves, or similar. Depending on the valves design, they can be placed in the inlet, in the valve seat or in the outlet nozzle. In a lot of applications flow limitations are already standard (e.g. 6 l/min or 8 l/min for faucets).